Friday, December 10, 2010

Soul Shadows You Everywhere

Soul affirmations are a way to look at nourishing your patient ancient soul and convincing your ego to play nice, cooperate and learn to share with others while letting your soul out to play.  It’s a way to blend the wise with the younger part of self still in the learning stage.

Our egos are trained and shaped and often defeated by the family and national culture into which we are born.  Once we become adults it is up to us to parent those parts of ourselves that have been undernourished, neglected.  Often we have been denied acceptance, understanding and love.
An easy way to begin that journey is to start with soul affirmations.  It allows our own soul to come out from under the lock and key of unbelief, finally able to help us in our daily lives, often healing us.
Affirmations are so simple on the intellectual level yet they have powerful effects on the emotional and spiritual levels.  Try meditating on the simplicity of one for a few days or weeks, thinking of variations of your own.  What you will find is that your soul will send up all your negative defeatist thoughts for you to see clearly.  Then you can take action by applying the positive thought and statement to the negative.  Eventually, the power of the negative beliefs fall away as you practice a healthier thought culture.

5 Powerful Soul Affirmations

I can achieve - if only I allow it. I do achieve.
I can live happy - if I choose to practice choosing it.  I choose to be happy.
I can learn whatever is required to fulfill my daily life and it’s in perfect timing, appearing right when I need it. I learn easily and it fits me perfectly.
I am not defined by what other people say to me.  I define who I am.
I am loved.  I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I love.